120407 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012 Official Photos of 2AM. Credit: kwonniekwonnie@2OD, JLSTARNET.

Inkigayo’s Public Service Announcement by 2AM: The Importance of Traffic Safety (교통안전송). Uploader: MrB1A4MM @ YT.

You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls (電話に出ない君に) JP Version

Released: April 11th, 2012.

Tracklist for CD:

  1. You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls (電話に出ない君に) Japan version
  2. Like Crazy (壊れそう) Japan version
  3. With My Eyes Closed (瞳をとじて) (Remake from Ken Hirai)


  • Version A (CD + DVD + Limited Photocard) - 1800 Yen
  • Version B (CD + Photobook + Limited Photocard) - 1600 Yen
  • Version C (CD + Limited Photocard) - 1200 Yen

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120413 KBS Radio COOL FM, Jeon Hyunmoo’s Music Square with 2AM. Credit: RAWANDESIOL@2ONEDAY.COM, KBS.CO.KR.

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[SCAN] 120328 Numero TOKYO Magazine’s 23 Questions for 2AM: Seulong.

Translation of the article: 23Q for 2AM - Seulong.

[SCAN] 120328 Numero TOKYO Magazine’s 23 Questions for 2AM: Seulong.


Translation of the article: 23Q for 2AM - Seulong.

[TRANS] 120328 Numero TOKYO Magazine’s 23 Questions for 2AM: Seulong.


Born 11 May 1987, blood type O. Interests include songs, shopping and movie appreciation.

Q1: How has your life changed ever since joining 2AM?
A1: Even before we debuted, after becoming a member of 2AM, I have made a conscious effort to remain as I am; I have not changed much. Even if I do not repress my growth, as my hard work accumulates, I will mature naturally.

Q2: Your dream(s) as 2AM?
A2: In Korea, I would like for us to become a group that belongs to the people. I would like to become a group that receives a lot of love from the people in Japan as well.

Q3. The source of 2AM’s creations?
A3: I use many artistes as reference. Amongst those, for vocals – BOYS II MEN and Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder; for styling – Kanye West and Black Eyed Peas. I am influenced to a certain extent by these artistes.

Q4: What was the happiest thing you have encountered in 2AM’s activities?
A4: The first time we achieved first in Korea!

Q5: The happiest thing in your private life recently?
A5: The concert we held in Korea is very deeply embedded in my memory. Many fans came over from Japan as well.

Q6: Tell us the allocation of roles in 2AM.
A6: Jo Kwon and I are like Grandma & Grandpa (laughs). Changmin, Mother. Jinwoon, the smallest son.

Q7: Your views on ‘the ideal man’?
A7: A man with manliness. I admire actors Cha Seung-won and Lee Byung-hun-san, Odagiri Joe-san.

Q8: The place you would like to go to most right now?
A8: Omotesandou! I enjoy shopping, I would like to go there right now (laughs).

Q9: The thing you would like most right now?
A9: Yeah, I do have a lot (laughs). The thing I would like most is Thom Brown’s clothes. Before this I had a lot of more casual clothes, but I recently am into the smart, fitting style.

Q10: The person you would like to meet most right now?
A10: The fans in Japan. I had so much fun at the Hi-Touch meeting; I would like to have more opportunities to be able to entertain fans at such close distance.

Q11: The most precious thing to you right now is?
A11: My family and the members are important people to me. And also my clothes are my treasure (laughs).

Q12: The type of females you like?
A12: I like girls who look feline! My ideal type is Korean actress Shin Min-ah.

Q13: The kind of fashion you find to be most suitable?
A13: I like fashion a lot, and there are many aspects of which I am concerned about but I am especially aware of the line in clothes. I conscientiously check whether they fit the figure of my body.

Q14: Japanese artist(s) you would like to work with most?
A14: Mr. Children, of which I am a huge fan!

Q15: Your personal aspirations for the future?
A15: I would like to achieve success as a solo singer, appear ore in dramas and movies. I would like to gain recognition as an actor as well.

Q16: Spots in Japan that you like and the places you often visit?
A16: I like Shibuya. Many people gather there, it is enjoyable just by looking at it. I frequent Omotesandou, Harajuku and Shibuya. I am careful of fans but I go around those areas freely.

Q17: What kind of songs do you have in your iPod?
A17: I listen to Mr. Children’s ‘Shirushi’ a lot. Apart from that, BOYS II MEN, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Eric Benet, Katy Perry, LMFAO.. There are just a lot of songs that are in my iPod (laughs).

Q18: Products you find useful for beauty & health?
A18: I do not have fast food often; I have my meals at food centres in Korea. Japanese cuisine has many items that are good for health; I eat it frequent.

Q19: In romance, are you proactive or reactive? (T/N: Literally translated as “carnivorous or herbivorous?”)
A19: I am carnivorous. I am the type to be proactive in relationships (laughs).

Q20: The motto you abide by?
A20: “Loyalty first”

Q21: At what kind of a moment did you feel that you have matured as compared to when you first debuted?
Q21: I do not think that I have fully become a grown person, but I now deliberate matters more carefully, and take care of my juniors; which I feel that I have matured in these aspects.

Q22: What is the thing that no matter if 2AM continues growing, “this will never change!”?
A22: We will always be delivering nice songs even from now onwards; I promise that this will never change.

Q23: A message to the fans in Japan, please.
A23: We have kept our fans waiting for a long period before we debuted in Japan, I am truly happy for the warm welcome. Please do support us as we press on in our activities!

Scanlation of the article: 23Q for 2AM - Seulong.

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2AM and KARA’s Nicole KAPPA Summer 2012 CF. Uploader: KAPPAKOREA1916

[SCAN] 2AM for Inkigayo Magazine April 2012 Edition Part 3. Source: JUNGJINWOON.COM, KWONNIEKWONNIE@2ONEDAY.COM.

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[SCAN] 2AM for Inkigayo Magazine April 2012 Edition Part 2. Source: Source: JUNGJINWOON.COM, KWONNIEKWONNIE@2ONEDAY.COM.

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[SCAN] 2AM for Inkigayo Magazine April 2012 Edition Part 1. Source: Source: JUNGJINWOON.COM, KWONNIEKWONNIE@2ONEDAY.COM.

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